The New Playground for kr3m July 20, 2023

The New Playground for

Make your own game! kr3m now provides the entire playground for the BILD

As another exciting year approaches with 2021, we are happy to announce a new project. After many years of successfully implementing HTML5 playgrounds for various clients from the publishing industry, the SEO Playground will start in March 2021 with our cooperation partner BILD. In the past, we have already implemented the BILD Glücksdreh, which was very well received by users.

On the new BILDspielt, interested users can play classics such as Solitaire, Sudoku, Chess and Mahjong. But also game favorites like Ski Racer, Gumblast and Bubbles are represented.

For many years, kr3m has been realizing Playgrounds with different games for desktop browser, tablet and smartphone. The Playgrounds offer users and publishers added value in many respects.

Longer retention time on your site with a playground from kr3m

You want to attract new customers, increase the time spent on your site and thus retain your regular customers in the long term? This is possible with a Playground from us. The HTML5 games impress with a quick start and high usability and are therefore perfect for increasing customer loyalty. Playing the games increases the time users spend on your site. On average, Playground users play for about 15 minutes. As a result, certain games are associated with your brand and users are encouraged to visit your site more often. In the process, users not only discover the HTML5 games, but also become aware of other offers such as subscriptions. This keeps customers excited and satisfied for a long time, which motivates them to return.

Another advantage of Playgrounds is that they are completely developed in-house, allowing for maximum customization options within a short period of time.

All advantages of a Playground summarized

  • New customer acquisition & retention
  • Higher dwell time on your site
  • Fantastic play experience for the customer
  • Sustainably inspire regular customers