New voucher portal: Now with Süddeutsche Zeitung Shahrzad Rahbari August 24, 2023

New voucher portal: Now with Süddeutsche Zeitung

In addition to the successful online games, the Süddeutsche Zeitung is going into the next round! Since 01 August 2023, kr3m has now also been offering vouchers from rewardo for the SZ. With more than 300 online shops, the choice is great and the joy even greater. 

Since 2007, there has already been a successful cooperation between the publishing house of the Süddeutsche Zeitung and GmbH. The use of the online games Sudoku, Mahjong, eXchange and Bubbles paved the way for further interesting projects. It is with great pleasure that kr3m is able to take over and manage the already existing voucher portal from the Süddeutsche Zeitung. For this, we offer vouchers for online shops with high-quality editorial SEO content, which enables added value for the user. We are constantly on the search in the online shopping world to find new and attractive vouchers so that the shopping experience is a lot of fun. 

A tight schedule with promising results

The preparations were in full swing for months before the release on 1 August. Finding shops, getting affiliate partners on board and diligently using and maintaining vouchers. The project management contributed significantly to the success. Clear communication, adherence to a tight schedule of milestones as well as clear guidelines and agreements. The branding of SZ was very much in the foreground in order to optimally set up the overall result. The presentation of the voucher portal is optimised for mobile devices as well as for browser access.  

kr3m was able to set up a voucher portal in the usual style for this project, as it has already done for other clients such as connect living, DerStandard, rewardo DACH, Funke and 

Successful cooperation

Thanks to years of cooperation in the field of online games, kr3m was able to convince the Süddeutsche Zeitung to take over the voucher portal. Conversely, however, it also means that the product must be looked after in the best possible way and continuously optimised. For the successful implementation and development of the project, the project management was in constant exchange with the client. In addition to project management, other teams at kr3m, such as development, marketing and communication, are also involved in this process. In this project, we were once again able to prove how successful the cooperation with the client is.   

Only sky is the limit: After the takeover of the voucher portal, we are now moving on. Our teams continue to maintain contact with affiliate partners in order to be able to offer attractive vouchers through cooperation. The goal is to be able to offer the best voucher portal in Germany. In addition, we are announcing further ideas, such as the founding of a new platform where online users can find out about the latest trends and lifestyles and snatch up great bargains in the process. 

Top offers, special offers and exclusive vouchers

The outlook is clear: in order to keep up with the big competitors, kr3m not only makes use of the usual vouchers and offers available in online shops, but also talks to its affiliate partners on a regular basis about exclusive content for more individuality in the voucher world. For this purpose, the editorial team strives to discover so-called top shops, which are identified through a competitive analysis. To make this exciting, there are special promotions with different themes at regular intervals. These are closely aligned with seasonal deals and thematically relevant events such as Black Friday, Valentine’s Day or the summer sales. The editorial content is set up and optimised so that the Süddeutsche Zeitung voucher portal ranks as high as possible in Google search results. To achieve this goal, we are in daily contact with the best SEO experts. Only in this way can we create the best user experience. 

We are delighted to now produce more than just online games for the Süddeutsche Zeitung and to help generate more readers who decide to use the vouchers thanks to the extensive selection of offers and deals. 

Anyone who now wants to go on a bargain hunt and snatch up new vouchers and offers for various shops every day should definitely keep an eye on the SZ’s new voucher portal! We hope you have fun shopping!