Games requiring the most highly developed technology

Web Technology

The development of 3D-graphics and artificial intelligence has been hugely driven by the gaming industry, online and mobile games have placed high demands on the development required of the client as well as servers.

We can turn innovative idea generation into successful online projects.


  • Business development of online platforms
  • Concept and user interface design
  • Development of server applications in the Cloud
  • High-performance client solutions with up to date user standards
  • Graphic Design
  • Extended and long-term project management of online platforms
  • Quality Assurance
  • EU DSGVO compliant data protection
  • Long-term support with service level agreement
  • Marketing


  • Branding/Image
  • Product-Placement
  • Furthering customer reach
  • Virability
  • Directing to POS/shop
  • Recruitment
  • B2B and B2C

We can do much more...

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